Neville and Mary Haneef win Barnet best allotment plot 3rd Prize

Competition very stiff for the Plot and Site Competition this year!

No prizes for us this year, either in the Plot or the Site competition run by the Barnet Allotment Federation – we came about half way up the score sheet for both. There are nearly 40 allotment sites in Barnet. 

The Committee like to enter a different plot each year and this year chose Tomasz Maziarz’ lovely plot just up Avenue 2 on the right. We chose it becasue it was well stocked with a good variety of vegetables, and looks very attractive – with not a weed to be seen!
Tomasz is quite a new plotholder and helps look after his mum’s plot too. His wife spends a lot of time working on their plot.

There was a lot of stiff competition this year – and the same applies to the Site competition, where we came around the middle of the scores.  We lost points for bad pathways and a rather untidy entrance – and some untidy plots.

There are some beautiful sites in Barnet, well worth visiting. One of the best – Gordon Road – will be open on Augsut 27, Bank Hoiday Mnday. It is well worth a visit, particularly to see their many communal and social areas.

Photo 2 [Plot 316] Photo 3 [Plot 316]