About Us

Where is West Hendon Allotments located?

West Hendon Allotments are situated off Cool Oak Lane, West Hendon, NW9. The secluded site is surrounded by playing fields and open space and it is on a gentle hill, which slopes down towards the Welsh Harp Reservoir (Brent Reservoir).



There are approximately 110 plots, most of them full size (ie 10 poles or 250 square metres), cultivated by people of all ages and all nationalities. Some plot-holders have been there for 40 years or more, others are newcomers with young children. Most are residents of Barnet, but since the site is on the edge of the Borough, it is popular with people from neighbouring boroughs, especially Camden.

There is a waiting list for plots, and if you would like to be put on the list, please contact the Secretary, Liz Hall – see Contact Us.


Parking: There is a car park as well as parking spaces along the main access road. Please park diagonally on site, to maximise space.

Water: All plots are within convenient reach of a water tank and tap. The water is turned on each Spring and off again in the late autumn. The water bills are divided between all the plot-holders.

Toilet:  we have also installed a permanent composting toilet with help from a grant from Awards for All.

Woodchip: this is delivered frequently and is available free of charge to all plot-holders for use on paths or for mulching. We also receive occasional deliveries of compost and leaf mould.

Shop: the shop operates from a couple of containers near the main gate and is open every weekend. It is also open at other times, if one of the keyholders is on site. (Read more>>> under Shop)

Raised Beds: we have a plot near the entrance with four raised beds suitable for people who have mobility problems. Please ring the Secretary on 07896 465 848, if you are interested in this facility or know someone else who might be.

Our History

The site used to be run by Barnet Council, but was given a 38-year lease in 2013 and is now managed by a committee of volunteers, elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Information about the Committee, the Lease and the Constitution can be found in the Members section, along with Minutes of meetings and copies of the Annual Accounts. You must be a member of the West Hendon Allotment Society to log on to this section – all plot holders are members.

The allotments at Cool Oak Lane used to be much bigger than they are now. About 20-30 years ago there was a slump in interest for allotments and Barnet Council decided to close a large section of plots, about 20 in all, on the eastern ‘downhill’ side of the site, towards the small branch of the Welsh Harp. People who had plots there were moved ‘up the hill’ and the eastern area rapidly became overgrown with brambles and old fruit trees. This area provides a rich wildlife area much appreciated by many birds and other creatures – including a family of foxes. It was designated a nature reserve in 2007, part of the wider nature reserve around the Welsh Harp. The lake itself and the shore area surrounding it have for a long time been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest, reflecting the diversity of bird life, butterflies, flowers, trees and so on, which make the area so special. West Hendon Allotment Society is a member of the Welsh Harp Joint Consultative Committee, which meets twice a year. This committee is currently working on the Welsh Harp Development Plan which makes interesting reading.